Free LDS Books

October 24th, 2012

This website is meant to be a central location for free LDS books (though it hasn’t gotten there yet!). This site is updated periodically, please check back to see what additional books have been added.

There are also a lot of free LDS books via the Neal A. Maxwell Institute BYU’s Religious Studies Center. Deseret Book has a Deseret Bookshelf App. This free app comes with 8 free books, and many other books are available for free. Currently available for iOS and Android. Salt Press also has titles available for free.

If you own the copyright for an LDS book that you want to make freely available, please contact us.

Here are some other books that are available for free:



I Lost My Phone Number, Can I Have Yours? Pickup Lines that Don’t Work, Scriptural Advice that Does, by John Hilton III.

In this book John Hilton III addresses several topics about dating and morality. Full of fun and humor this book provides timely advice from the scriptures and modern prophets.

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The Little Book of Christmas Spirit, by John Hilton III.

John Hilton III shows us that there is much more to Christmas than Santa Claus. Do you know why we decorate the tree? What have latter-day prophets asked us to do at Christmastime? What gifts would the Savior want us to give this season? In The Little Book of Christmas Spirit, John walks you through twenty ways to make your Christmas more Christ-centered through stories, fun family traditions and activities, and much more. It’s a little Christmas book filled with big Christmas spirit.

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Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet, Edited by David Wiley and Seth Gurell.

Technology has always played a role in the gospel. After all, the apostle Paul could not have ministered to the early church without the aid of boats, highways and other advancements of the time. Today, the Internet is providing instantaneous communication. This opportunity allows for amazing potential to be realized. At the same time, never has rumor, propaganda and myth been able to move so quickly. This book is intended to help LDS members use the Internet to reach out to others in meaningful ways.

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You can get a free e-book of recipes for using food storage items here:


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